Chandlee Jewelers Athens GA | Diamond Engagement Rings

Our outstanding diamond engagement rings at Chandlee Jewelers in Athens will surely turn heads. Drop by 1850 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Suite 213, Athens GA 30606 706.543.4653,

Brundage Jewelers Louisville KY | Custom Made Jewelry

Brundage Jewelers talented staff will help you throughout the entire process when you desire custom made jewelry. Drop by Brundage Jewelers at 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY, 40207

Brundage Jewelers 40207| Diamond Jewelry Louisville KY

Whether you are looking for fine diamond jewelry or just loose diamonds in Louisville, Brundage Jewelers is your diamond destination. Pay us a visit 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY, 40207.

Fremeau Jewelers 05401 | Handmade Jewelry in Burlington VT

Fremeau Jewelers is your destination for custom jewelry in Burlington. We have understanding to help you through the creative process that custom designed jewelry in Burlington requires. Handmade jewelry in Burlington is not hard to find once you enter Fremeau Jewelers. We are your location for all your custom designed jewelry in Burlington. Stop by to see our best handcrafted jewelry in Burlington because we cannot be beat here at Fremeau Jewelers.

Unique jewelry in Burlington needs a location for custom designed jewelry. We continue to serve you with great customer support. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise from four decades of service to help you find perfect handmade jewelry in Burlington. Stop in to see how we end your search for custom jewelry in Burlington today!

Beginning a custom jewelry design in Burlington is stressful, and we can assist you in every facet of design. Our master goldsmiths can help you turn a picture or drawing into a model that is ready for your inspection. We will cast and set your stones into your own custom jewelry. We have an extensive selection of stones to choose from, or you could even use stones you already possess. If creating designer jewelry from scratch is not what you desire, we have an enormous collection of mountings available. You can remount stones from an unworn piece of jewelry, transforming it into a modern piece of jewelry.

We have made custom designs for over 150 years. Therefore, we understand that handcrafted jewelry has three main parts: the ring should be beautiful, the stones set securely, and the ring must be comfortable to wear.

Our job as creators is to give you the best custom made jewelry in Burlington as well as give you the information to help you have the ring you desire here at 78 Church Street, 05401, 802-658-0333. Check out our video.

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Athens Chandlee Jewelers | Diamond Necklace in GA 30606

Chandlee Jewelers is your destination for fine diamonds in Athens. A diamond bracelet in Athens will become the perfect gift once you see our diamond bracelets. Diamond studs in Athens focus on a certain type of person that you know and love. A diamond necklace or diamond bracelet in Athens will be the perfect touch that will complete any outfit that you own because of the versatility that diamonds possess. Fine diamonds in Athens is only right around the corner for you to find the perfect gift here at your favorite local jewelry store, Chandlee Jewelers.

Fine diamonds in Athens can be an endless search; however, that is not the case here at Chandlee Jewelers. We have amassed experience and connections that allow us to carry and sell quality diamonds at competitive prices. Our amazing selection of diamond jewelry, including our recently added Pave diamond jewelry, will astonish you with the understated simplicity and timeless elegance. Come in today to find the perfect diamond for you here at Chandlee Jewelers.

When looking for diamond studs Athens, you need to come in the store personally. Diamonds should be examined in person and by you before you ever consider purchasing one. Even with a store you trust like Chandlee Jewelers, you should always decide in person whether or not this diamond is for you. You might find better prices online, yet you have no idea of the quality of that diamond. The characteristics that make a diamond beautiful can be exaggerated by light and staging. Therefore, when looking online you have no way to tell if it is the diamond for you. Come in to peruse our beautiful diamonds today.

Stop by to see the perfect diamond earrings in Athens here at Chandlee Jewelers, 1850 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Ste 213, Athens, GA, 30606, Ph 706-543-4653

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Brundage Jewelers | Gold Jewelry in Louisville KY

Platinum jewelry in Louisville is only a short stop away here at Brundage Jewelers. We have a stunning selection of fine jewelry in Louisville that will amaze once you come in to see what we have assembled. Wait no longer to find the best gold jewelry in Louisville. Our stunning collections do not stop with our gold or platinum jewelry; rather we have some of the most impressive diamond jewelry in Louisville. If the finest gold rings in Louisville are not enough, then we have the greatest silver jewelry in Louisville. Stop in today to see the luxurious fine jewelry in Louisville.

The reason our silver jewelry in Louisville is the best around because it derives from our antique jewelry collection. While antique jewelry can be such a difficult item to locate, it has its own history that draws us to find the best pieces available. This history manifests in other owners, so you have to find the right estate sales to locate the right piece for the perfect price. Our talented staff does an excellent job finding the Victorian jewelry you desire; therefore, you do not need to spend your time finding the right jewelry and instead can spend time with your new jewelry in tow. Wait no longer to see what we have uncovered for you with our new estate jewelry. We continually add new pieces to our collection of antique jewelry, so come back if you do not find the perfect diamond jewelry in Louisville because we will have it next time.

The best diamond jewelry in Louisville is only around the corner, so do not give up because we will help you find that perfect piece that reveals an aspect of your personality.

Stop by Brundage Jewelers to find fine jewelry here at 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY, 40207, Ph. 502-895-7717 Click Here.

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Louisville Princess Cut Diamonds | Brundage Jewelers

When looking for Diamond Pendants in Louisville, you should look no further than Brundage Jewelers. We have the premier collection of diamond rings in Louisville. Besides our diamond rings, we have a stunning selection of diamond jewelry in Louisville that will not be matched by any other local jewelry store. We have such a pipeline that brings in diamonds in Louisville that you will be hard pressed to find a better source for stunning diamonds. Come see your only location for amazing princess cut diamonds in Louisville, so stop in today for your loose diamonds in Louisville here at Brundage Jewelers.

Our best collection of stunning loose diamonds in Louisville will allow you the freedom to create the stunning jewelry of your dreams. Custom designed jewelry is a wonderful choice for everyone, no matter your experience designing jewelry. We have a talented staff that can help you transfer any idea into an amazing work of art. Therefore, come in to see what you can do with your personal needs because we have the expertise to help create it if it is not something that you have seen in other jewelry stores. Our master jeweler will meet with you to determine what type of look you want and together you both will start sketching your new design.

When looking for diamonds in Louisville, no matter where you shop you should consider the four Cs. The four Cs refer to the clarity, color, cut and carat weight of a diamond. These aspects give you the best sense of what value your diamond has. Remember that these four are not created equally. The cut of a diamond can greatly influence the others because it is the only aspect forced on what nature took millions of years to create. Also, remember that the reference to color is a misnomer because it is actually the colorlessness of the diamond. The carat weight is also a natural occurring aspect, but the rarity of heavier diamonds factors into the fact that two half carat diamonds do not equal the value of a carat diamond.

Come see our elegant loose diamonds Louisville here at: 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY. Watch this.

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05401 Fremeau Jewelers | Handcrafted Jewelry in Burlington VT

Stop by to see our best handcrafted jewelry in Burlington because we cannot be beat here at Fremeau Jewelers. Visit us at 78 Church Street, Burlington VT 05401,

Athens GA Fine Diamonds | Chandlee Jewelers 30606

Chandlee Jewelers is your destination for fine diamonds in Athens. Stop by 1850 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Suite 213, Athens GA 30606 706.543.4653.

Brundage Jewelers 40207 | Platinum Jewelry in Louisville

The best platinum jewelry in Louisville is at Brundage Jewelers, we will help you find that perfect piece. Stop by and see them at 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY, 40207